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Do You Need a Dietitian?

Is it Time to Consult a Dietitian?

You know sugars are bad. You know you need to eat more veggies and fruit. You've been told to avoid dairy or gluten or any number of things for health reasons. But do you know how to put all the pieces together into a real, workable diet?

We know it can be hard, and there's no shortage of information out there! Sometimes what we need is to consult with a Registered Dietitian. A dietitian is someone who can help you put all of these pieces together, and help you create a game-plan, recipes and other resources.

We are greatly honored to partner with Dawn Boxell RD, CD.

Dawn and Be Well Family Care are excited to work together to help our patients Let Food Be Thy Medicine! As an exclusive perk of our Stay Well Program, Stay Well patients get 30% off Dawn's amazing services!

More about Dawn: 

Dawn is a mother of 4 active girls & a Registered Dietitian for over 20 years with a concentration in Bariatrics.  She is Certified in Adult Weight Management, and has authored 2 cookbooks, Bariatric Innovations, a food guide for weight loss surgery patients, and Bariatric Innovations 2nd Edition.  Dawn currently runs www.wlsguthealth.com for weight loss surgery patients with a functional medicine twist, teaching them to use Food as medicine. Dawn’s personal health challenges led her into the world of Functional Medicine over 5 years ago where she now uses targeted diets to manage chronic health conditions. Dawn teaches simple, real food solutions for busy lifestyles.

Dawn's Services: 

One Time Visit= $125* for a 1 hour Consultation
(up to 2 emails/texts included if not complicated, otherwise will be $25 additional)

Follow-up visit= $60* for 30 minutes (must have had the initial one-time visit)
This visit is for the super savvy individual who has a good handle on their health needs, but may be struggling to pull it all together in their active life. It will require a Food Information Questionnaire completed prior to the visit and will end with a good understanding, a basic meal plan, and a handful of recipes realistic to your lifestyle.


Package #1: Includes one 60 minute visit, two 30 minute visits and up to 10 emails/texts until the last visit= $225*
This package is perfect for the individual with some health knowledge, yet is struggling with blood sugar balance, food sensitivities, or inflammatory conditions. This package will provide a 5 day meal plan with recipes to help set the stage for change making it easier to implement into daily living. The package can take 1-2 months to complete.

Package #2: Includes two 60 minute visits, four 30 minute visits and a detailed 10 Day Meal Plan with grocery shopping list and up to 20 emails/texts until last visit= $470*
This package is great for someone who feels completely lost on how to implement a different food plan and needs more time to make changes with accountability to follow-through to the end. The detailed 10 Day Meal Plan will help jump-start your excitement keeping you focused on the goal of blood sugar balance, food elimination or anti-inflammatory protocols. This package can take 3-4 months to complete.

*All Stay Well patients receive a 30% discount!

Contact Dawn:  

Email: dmboxell@gmail.com or
Call: (317) 439-4511