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Gluten Free College Student Care Package Party

Gluten Free College Student Care Package Party

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Gluten Free College Student Care Package Party
Do you know a college student who is gluten free? We have an event just for you!
It can be challenging to be Gluten Free- especially at college.  Care packages are so fun to receive and making them can be fun too! Come join us for a GLUTEN FREE Care Party Package!

How it works:   

  1. Register to participate by April 14th on our website. You must register for each Care Package you want to make
  2. On April 14th you will receive an email letting you know how many care packages we will be making
  3. You will purchase an identical item for each of the care packages to bring to the party with you
  4. On April 19th you will bring your items to the party and we will build our care packages.  Afterward we will enjoy some snacks and fellowship
  5. You can take your package with you or we can ship it for you to your student for $15. We will provide boxes.

Taught by: Anne Peters
Date: April 19, 2023
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Be Well Family Care 
Cost: Free / $15 if you want to ship your box from our office (payable at the event)
You do not need to be a patient of Be Well Family Care to attend. Invite your friends, but please make sure you register for each package you are sending so we get an accurate headcount.

Some ideas of items for care packages: Gluten Free snacks, trail mix, mints, gum, school supplies, fidget toys, card games, socks, room decorations, drink packets, face masks, small gift cards, picture frames, window clings, etc. Items must be able to be shipped. Remember that we are including both male and female students and that all food items must be gluten free!