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Group Visit: Preventing and Managing Foot & Ankle Pain Class

Group Visit: Preventing and Managing Foot & Ankle Pain Class

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Preventing and Managing Foot & Ankle Pain

Our feet and ankles are so complex and pain in these areas can be so frustrating and debilitating. Pain can be caused by sprains, overuse injuries, changes to the biomechanics of your foot, osteoarthritis, and more. Come learn about ways to prevent and improve foot and ankle health so you can stay active and enjoy your life! This great class will be taught by Swathi Rao, PA-C and Dr. Michael Murphy. Dr. Murphy Doctor of Physical Therapy and co-founder of Divergent Rehab & Wellness, specializes in helping active individuals, athletes, and motivated people to reach their goals and live a healthy, active and self-controlled lifestyle without a reliance on pain medications or unnecessary surgery.

Date: April 23rd, 6:30-8:00pm
Location: Be Well Family Care Teaching Kitchen
Cost: $40.00 Cash Pay or Billed to Your Insurance*
*Free for Stay Well Members ~ Medicare Co-pays may apply  
*$40 Cash Pay for Non-patients

You may not attend a Group Visit on the same day as another visit in our office or you will be billed $40 for the Group Visit.

Group Visits can be billed to your insurance provider like a regular office visit or you may cash pay, but you need to decide at the time of the visit. If you choose to bill insurance you will be responsible for any portion assigned to you by insurance like copays or deductibles. As always, copays and deductibles are covered by Stay Well memberships.