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Progest-Avail Serum Designs for Health 30 servings

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About the product
  • NORMALIZE HORMONAL IMBALANCES Many of the health challenges women face are the result of imbalances in estrogen and progesterone. Natural bioidentical progesterone can normalize hormone imbalances with fewer side-effects than synthetic progestins.  The advantage of a topical product over an oral form is that a much lower dose is needed, as it does not need to be metabolized by the liver. 
  • JUST FOUR INGREDIENTS Progest-Avail is formulated to be used by women of reproductive age, menopausal & post-menopausal women in order to ease symptoms of hormone imbalances & the normal fluctuations that occur with aging.  A natural topical progesterone serum providing 20 mg of bioidentical progesterone. This highly bioavailable progesterone serum contains just four ingredients: micronized USP progesterone, dimethyl isosorbide, caprylic/capric triglyceride (from coconut), & vitamin E. 
  • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION & STABILITY A super-micronized form of natural progesterone in a proprietary triglyceride carrier that facilitates better absorption. Dimethyl isosorbide, is a a natural sugar-based complex which increases solubility & facilitates superior penetration through skin. This compound also helps preserve the potency of the progesterone unlike water-based products that can lose 30% of their potency within 90 days of manufacture due to hydrolysis. 
  • EASY TO USE Apply 1-2 times per day to smooth skin areas, such as wrists, inner arms or thighs, throat, neck, abdomen or chest, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. For optimal use, rotate the areas of application.  Made with Non-GMO Ingredients. This product is free of parabens, mineral oil, and petroleum.
  • SCIENCE-FIRST We work with the most reputable raw material suppliers to select the best ingredients. We then conduct internal and third party testing of the ingredients to ensure identity, potency, composition, and purity (contaminant-free).