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Virtual Class: 6 Mindset Shifts to Increase Your Happiness

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During the COVID pandemic, the focus is often on what we can do physically to take care of ourselves, like extra hand washing and wearing a face mask.

BUT how often do we think about protecting our mental health? Just like the physical interventions, it takes a bit more effort and intention.

We will discuss scientifically proven actions you can take in order to increase your well-being and feel happier on a daily basis. Walk away with a plan to start putting these actions into place.

Date: June 24th
Time: 7:00 PM EST
Location: Zoom Virtual Class 
Cost: $15*
*Free for Stay Well Members

Instructor: Kelly Miller, FMCHC

Hosted by Be Well Functional Medicine Provider Emily Miller, NP

Kelly Miller is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach who offers virtual one on one coaching to help patients implement a lifestyle plan that works for them. Find out more information about Kelly at findinghealthy.net. Kelly is a Be Well Community Partner and offers 20% off her coaching packages to Stay Well members. 

Once you are registered, we'll send you a private link to the class and instructions the day of the class. 

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